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We aim at providing cutting edge & advanced technological solutions.




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Cloud Security

Workforce Training

IoT Engineering

DevOps Consultation

Engineering solutions to align organizations to Industry Standard Agile and DevOps Practices.

CI/CD Pipelines

We have industry-proven experience in setting up complex CI/CD Pipelines for various Customers across the Globe. We are Specialized in Jenkins, ArgoCD, Terraform, Cloudformation, CodeBuild.

Infrastructure As Code (IaC)
Workflow Automation

 ML and MLOps

Machine learning and Data mining is the future. We at Rescape Technologies focus on best of customer experience and hence we aim to help you in a way where your customers would always come back to your services.

ML and MLOps consultancy
Our engineers will help you get your machine learning requirements completed from start to end.
Optimize everything
With our specialized ML services you can optimize all your services for better experience

IoT Engineering

We at Rescape Technologies strive to deliver a combination of smart hardware and software to automate all your functionalities. From home automation to office and other we aim to provide the best and most advanced automation system AIoT.

Use of AIoT
Artificial intelligence combined with IoT can give us not only smart but also highly efficient automated services.
Automate and Digitalize
Get all routine mundane tasks automated and handled in a place
Real-time analysis
Get your data analyzed in real-time on a dashboard.

Cloud-Native Engineering

Adding value to the existing Infrastructure/Applications with various benefits such as Cost Optimization, Improved Security, Traceability, Fault Tolerance, Monitoring, Reliability and, Scalability to the Application & Services. Various Focus Areas:

Microservices Architecture Migration
Service Meshes
Infrastructure Automation

Cloud Security 

Improving and Automating the Security and Governance aspects of the Organization’s Cloud Footprint. Various focus areas:

Organization-wide custom compliance dashboards
Automated Incidence remediation
PCI DSS, HIPPA, GDPR governance.
Continuous and event driven compliance monitoring.

Workforce Training

As an Innovation Driven technology startup, RESCAPE Technologies have plans to work with various organizations (Educational Institutes, Technology Companies, Non-Profits etc.) and offer Training/Mentorship to evolve and build strong competency around Cloud and DevOps ecosystem.
Training will be provided on various arms including:

Cloud (Public Cloud Providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure)
Site Reliability Engineering.
DevOps & CI/CD Automation
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