Making a smart Contact Center Chatbot using AWS Lex

by | May 13, 2021


With advent of google and amazon we all love to chat with bots. These bots automate a lot of routine tasks or chats to be specific. Imagine if you could drop off a bot with all FAQs known on your platform. This would reduce the number of questions and spams in your mail box wouldn’t it??

Today we will implement a basic AWS Lex bot. AWS has created Lex bot service which is highly scalable and extremely easy to use. Most part of it is drag and drop or basic typing along with attaching stuffs from the vast library AWS has created . This Lex bot learns based on utterances and gives answers dynamically. So if you have a website or a place where you want to add a chat lets do it. Trust me you would be thrilled to have one of your own bot by the end of this blog.


  • Login to your AWS account and go to us-east-1. Search Lex in the search bar .
  1. Make necessary  intents . Intents are like functions . Ex create_recharge, Update_recharge.
  2. Inside intents create utterances. Utterances are the possible set of questions a customer can ask. EX : I want to recharge
  • Then create slots for the intents. Slots are attributes that customers will choose from. Ex. RechargeType : SMS , voice.
  • Next up rename the slot tag , choose the slot you created or you can also choose in-built and also state the question the bot will ask to the customer.
  • Next define the Confirmation prompt. These are questions asked by bot to confirm customer requirements.¬†
  • You can also add a response message. Ex Thank you message at the end of the process.
  • Save build and publish your bot.
  • You can try your bot in the test bot section


It is that easy to setup your first automated smart bot. You can also integrate these with slack , Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp among many other. Hope you learned something new. Until next time keep learning.

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